Seven Tips That Helped Me Make Progress in Business Over the Years

Let me just be vulnerable and say that being a business owner can really suck sometimes!

It’s all fun and games when we have this magical idea that being an entrepreneur would make life so much easier, but we don’t think of all the hard work, long hours, and hats we have to wear; it can be overwhelming.

We don’t want to think or focus on that, right?

Because we are visionaries who are driven by the results we want to create for our clients and the difference we want to make in the world.

However, to be an actual business owner, it’s important to think about everything, especially in the beginning, when we don’t know everything. I know I sure didn’t.

It takes focus. It takes discipline. And most times, it takes a whole lot of effort. When you finally succeed at your dream, it all becomes worth it.

I won’t lie; in my 15 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve definitely had days where I wanted to quit and walk away. The difference today for me is, I understand what is important and that I have the opportunity to take control of what’s happening in my life.

So, I would never trade what I’ve learned from tackling all my “business hurdles.”

As a seasoned business owner, I want to provide insight for new entrepreneurs who might be in limbo between throwing in the towel or sticking it out.

Could that be you right now?

Here are 7 tips that helped me make progress over the years:

Manage your time effectively!

It’s very easy to burn out when you’re busy with each and every task. To avoid that, you need to manage your time. What helped me, is blocking off time in my schedule for tasks, client relations, marketing, and sales outreach. Keeping these times are just as important as client work and meetings. Start by blocking off time for a few weeks and adjust as you need to.

Focus on your Goals.

Sometimes life happens, and you get busy putting out fires, but business must go on! To ensure that you’re accomplishing the goals you set for yourself, write them down. Every week put tasks or projects on your calendar that will support your goals. Review them frequently.

Make time for your clients and networking.

Spending time talking to your clients is very important. You want to avoid getting too busy and then forgetting about them in the process. Schedule a time to reach out to them is the best way to ensure you’re always networking.

Quit trying to put all the fires out simultaneously!

Do you believe that you are an amazing multitasker? It’s great that you feel that you can handle everything, but most of us can’t or don’t want to anymore. By understanding that everything doesn’t need your attention immediately, you can step back and analyze. And you can make the choice that’s most important for you. Focus on that instead of everything else.

Ask for help when you need it.

Like I said before, business is a learning process, and you’re not going to know everything. Ultimately making mistakes is a part of business, but by asking for help/guidance, you can navigate it easier and faster. So, when you need help, reach out for help when you need it, whether it’s a mentor, coach, course, or a team member.

Research can make your product/service so much better.

Most of us have created something that didn’t work the first time. Did you do your research first? Did you see if your target market wants your product or services? If not, it’s time to hit the market and do some research. 

Test your products before putting them out. Try to get honest opinions before sharing your expertise with the world. Study and learn about your ideal clients before developing a process for an unknown audience.

Manage your emotions; don’t keep them buried!

As business owners, we learn to roll with the punches, but the worst thing to do is keep your feelings bottled up. Allow yourself to feel everything so you can process the emotions and move on to start thinking clearly again. That’s how we grow as people and how the business keeps running smoothly.

Please employ these tips and allow them to help you as they helped me! Learning this helped me grow into the business owner I am today, and it can help you, too, if you let it:)

That said, if you’re ready to grow your business with a coach who’s already been through the wringer and made it out on the other side, we should talk!

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