Now you know what you were meant to do in this season of your life, what now? A lot of times, fear of the unknown or anxiety around learning new things stops us before we get too far into living our dream. But being aware of them as potential obstacles trying to prevent you from reaching the finish line of fulfillment can help put them back where they belong – into an abyss of NO MORE.

Take your power back and be persistent. Instead, replace your fears and discouragement with three positive steps forward that will help get you back on track to success.

Step 1 | Find support and resources to help you

Now that you have your bird’s-eye-view plan of action (POA), connect with a coach, mentors, or other professionals in your field of interest to get the support and information you need to set specific steps in your journey. Meeting with a coach or mentor creates a line of accountability, which statistically leads to a higher likeness of follow-through and goal completion. 

If you don’t know your purpose or POA you can go to our article here or contact me to coach you on how you can discover your purpose and action plan.

Step 2 | Set short and long-term goals

Now you know what you need to do, it’s time to break it down into manageable baby-steps. What are some of the essential elements that need to be tackled early on vs. those that can wait until you’re further along? Prioritize your short-term goals and celebrate each win along the way – celebrate in a BIG way! You deserve it. 

Long-term goals are equally important but are typically more general since it’s harder to plan that far in advance. But try to make short and long-term goals measurable. A great example of a measurable long-term business goal is “to invest  $X amount of money each month so that I have enough money in my retirement fund that I can comfortably pass the business along to someone else and retire by 65 years old.” The details may need to adjust or change along the way; the dollar amount may need to adjust as your interests and lifestyle changes as well. Enough money to retire… doesn’t always allow you to achieve your life goal or start. It’s unachievable and gives you the opportunity to start it later because I’ve got enough time.

Step 3 | Take action every day/week

We all have both personal and professional goals and it’s not always possible to give each goal equal attention. The balance is to focus on what is most important at the moment and to take action every week on a short and long-term goal. Always be aware of where you are going and your end goal.

If you’re new to taking steps within your goal, it might feel like a lot. But YOU are worth the effort and it will get easier once it becomes a habit. I believe in you and I wouldn’t ask you to try something that I haven’t implemented and found essential in my life. Just know you never have to be alone in the ride of your life – you have friends, family, and ME to support and cheer for you along the way.

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