How to Navigate through Life Challenges and Win in 2023

Sometimes life throws you hurdles that you would never have seen coming, and the year 2022 was no exception for me.

This past June, I felt like the sky had crashed down on me. Nothing seemed to be going my way. My sister’s house had caught fire, and she needed to move in with me; I had just gotten out of the hospital after a major surgery; my business was slipping through my fingers as I attempted to recuperate; everywhere around me felt chaotic and overwhelming. To top it all off, I lost myself in this mess. My voice drowned in the cacophony of sounds, and for a moment, I felt like I’d lost my purpose in life.

I had tried my best, but it was hard not to get swallowed up by so much chaos. But because of my 3Cs of Clarity, Courage and Confidence, It only took a little while for me to find myself again, and soon I’m living my purpose again.

Now I bet you’re wondering, how did she do that?

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

So here are three pointers for living through the chaos without losing yourself in the process while staying focused on your ambitions:

Try Yoga or another form of meditation. Starting each day with an intentional practice like Yoga or meditation can do wonders for a healthy mind. It’s calming and helps you find clarity and discover a deeper understanding of whatever life throws at you.

Set intentions instead of resolutions. Setting your intentions allows you to focus on the day ahead, whereas resolutions often provide an empty promise of success without any actionable steps. With intentions, you take control of what you want out of life and empower yourself to make it happen. Even when chaos is all around, there’s something solid holding you up.

Repeat your power statements like a mantra in moments of self-doubt, worry, or failure. Creating a power statement that you can rely on during tough times is crucial. Hearing it and taking solace in its words will help you reassess and move ahead quickly. For me, my power statement is “I am important. And my voice matters”–it helps me stay motivated when life’s challenges try to derail my progress. Whether it’s a few simple words or a longer phrase that resonates with you, finding the strength within yourself to push through to success is an incredible feeling. Tap into your positive energy and see what works best for you—you are worth it!

Taking Charge

I hope you employ these 3 tips and allow them to help you the way they helped me because, ultimately,  life can throw any challenge your way. Learning how to overcome those hurdles and finding yourself amidst the chaos is what makes you stronger than ever before!

That said, if you are ready to grow through the chaos and move into clarity, courage, and confidence for 2023, let’s have a chat and see if and how I can help!

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson

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