Grace & Gratitude

Having grace isn’t just about the face you show the world or the manners you have when interacting with others. It’s also about showing yourself enough grace to accept that you are human. We all make mistakes and can expect to make more in the future. Self-compassion is grace. Show yourself empathy, understanding, and grace will come to you and others around you naturally. 

Gratuity counts for more than you think. It not only lets our supporters and tribe members know we appreciate them but also releases the positive ‘preciation energy into the world and attracts more good into our lives. When we are in a place of grace and gratitude, we believe less of our negative thoughts, which allows us to see the real us. Remember, “like” attracts “like”, so if you are releasing positive, grateful, and supportive vibes into the universe you can expect to attract and receive them back. In fact, whatever you put into the universe has power- this includes your dream. Picture yourself accomplishing it regularly; not only will it feel warm and rewarding, but you will build confidence to take steps towards it.

The power you hold is positively dream-worthy… I can’t wait to see you win! In fact, I am even here to help you do it; in guiding you to discover your defeating beliefs, their origins, and rewriting them into a positive upgrade for your life.

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Article By: Amy Nubson

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson

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