Understanding the Role Our Inner Critic Plays In Our Business


As women entrepreneurs and CEOs, we are constantly balancing the demands of business, family, and our community. Within each of us, there’s a powerful force that can’t be ignored—the inner critic. It’s the voice behind our self-doubt, fears, and hesitations, often holding us back from fully embracing our potential in every area of life. Do you also yearn for more in your journey? If so, you’re not alone.

How Does Our Inner Critic Affect Our Business?

I’m sure you have identified situations where you have allowed your inner critic to lead your life and stop you from growth and opportunities of success.

Here are some ways it affected my business:

Depending on others is a weakness: I am not a leader so, how can I have a team?

OUTCOME: When Avery was unable to work for 9 months (car accident)…work stopped, and we lost everything we had worked towards the prior 7 years. I had to rebuild and rebrand. It took years to crawl back to a place I was proud of, especially with my inner critic trying to validate my insecurities and wanting to create an even safer life than before.

You don’t know enough about marketing, so stay in your lane: I felt stuck, and no amount of education would get this idea out of my head. I wanted to lead my clients my life, but instead, I stayed small by doing what was expected of me.

OUTCOME: I charged less than others (men ran marketing agencies), took smaller projects, and said yes to every project that came my way, even when I knew it wasn’t a good fit. I keep my services to branding and websites. I excel in helping business discover their greatness and assisting them in creating new concepts, plans, and programs. It took 12 years to allow myself to work inside my greatness within my own business.

You are not smart enough: This was the worst one. It stopped me from creating systems, a team, and comprehensive and effective offerings. I had a weak foundation that was proven to break and crumble when the unexpected happened. I love teaching others, but I say the wrong words when I’m under stress due to a head injury as a child. My family laughed at me so often that my inner critic stepped in to protect me. As a coach and consultant, I must have consistent clarity that it’s my inner critic talking so I can take courageous actions and build confidence.

Why it’s Important Not to Let the Inner Critic Lead

Burnout! Yes, your inner critic can lead you to work hard, but usually focuses on the wrong work, the safe work. Therefore making it harder to achieve what we want and what we can become. Living your life listening to your inner critic can have significant health consequences. I should know I put myself in the hospital not once, not twice, but three times. I got high blood pressure at the age of 23, struggle with my weight, and can’t be in elevations over 3,600 feet or my blood pressure spikes dangerously high. It has reduced my quality of life. This is how stress affects us, and I don’t want this for you. 

“The practice is in quieting that voice, not banishing it” Tara Mohr

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