Can you find success without failure? Yes. Well, that was easy, right? I should say yes, with some caveats. I believe that failure is a part of our success. Some of the biggest failures in my life came to be some of the most impactful moments and stories I share with others. It was the things I learned from failing that created mindset, character traits, courage, and confidence. I eventually had a better understanding of the world and the role I played in it. 

And the success that followed said failures were larger than life itself. 

Even a simple failure like the time Avery and I were on the road to visit his Grandma and the car broke down temporarily stranding us turned into a success when I decided to entertain myself with the Sunday newspaper. I thought maybe there would be some local event we could wander off to while our vehicle was being repaired, but instead my eyes landed on gold – a job listing that appealed to this recent Bemidji State University graduate in a city I was considering moving to. I also realized through the listing that the following Monday (the very next day) was the deadline for applications… Maybe this was fate. The “Why” our car broke down in the first place. I felt like I was destined to apply for the job, so I did. AND got the job. We moved to Fargo, ND after graduation all because the rippling effect of worry, doubt, and failure had turned to success, celebration, and opportunity – and it all started from what I now would consider a minor setback.

Finding the Silver Lining

Human life is not stagnant – we and it are always evolving. Changing and growing into the people and experiences we were made for. I look back at that fateful day of the breakdown and appreciate the real value of it. The job ended up sucking but it was the move I needed to create the foundation of network of people I needed that formed the career and businesses I own today. 

But before I could even get this far in my professional journey, I owe it to you all to back up a bit and talk about the silver lining I found after being fired from a job I got fresh out of art school. Yeah, yeah, no one likes to talk about the big F word or even admit that it happens but I have learned to not only own it but be proud of it because it led me to learn more about myself and actually took me to the place I needed to be next. 

So here goes, I had gotten this job at a printing press where I was supposed to design the graphics and physical plates that used gobs of chemicals to develop and something I knew nothing about. I ended up wasting a lot of expensive materials and in the end found myself unemployed due to firing. But instead of giving up on myself as a “failure”, I recognized I needed and wanted more education. So, Avery and I packed up and continued our studies at Bemidji State University where we found fulfillment in our courses and lifelong friendships. A silver lining and saving grace.

Expecting and Accepting Failure

So many times we deem ourselves falling victim to lack of opportunity, trial and error, and overwhelmingly shame-bearing failure. But it’s just not the case. If we go into the world with the expectation that not everything is going to go our way and that we are going to hear “no” regularly we are setting ourselves to be real successors in the end. In truth, not everything is meant for us and we are not meant for everything. The universe is not singling us out as its next torture victim, it’s just way ahead of us on the trail trying to lead us in the most fruitful direction. 

It’s when we start listening and paying attention, that we learn to accept failure as a part of life and not to fear it or expect it because of the opportunities it can offer us. Instant anything should never be the expectation and the sooner we accept and celebrate our trials and tribulations, the sooner we realize the wins we have had and will continue to have. 

Mindset matters and I am here to help guide you through the “failure” to reap the rewards on the other end. Connect with me today at 701-730-1994.

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Article By: Amy Nubson

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