For me, discovering the empowerment of power statements was a game-changer. The times I felt my worst, I learned to not only deal with but to accept all the feels and lift my head high in order to start moving forward again. When I started using power statements regularly in my daily life, I found my resiliency bouncing back against the cement walls that had seemingly shot out of the ground just to barricade me. In fact, I wasn’t just bouncing off those bad boys; I was cracking them into a million tiny pieces, leaving them to shatter at my feet. 

Sounds mighty powerful, right… but how does one go about creating your personalized power statements? And, what are they, really? Is it something anyone can do? Abso-flippin-lutely! Let me tell you more about my journey in recognizing and writing my own power statements and invite you to write your own with me in one of my upcoming LIVE webinars: Believe Your Own Voice.

Discovering My Limiting Beliefs

Having the courage to step out and try new things or even the confidence to shine in areas I was pretty sure I rocked it was not something that came naturally to me. No matter how much I wanted to believe in myself, there was always something there, nagging and lurking in the back. This dark entity that had sworn to destroy any ounce of esteem I had left is called a limiting belief. We all have them. We all learned them from somewhere or someone, whether it was through a direct life experience or someone else rubbing their doubt into our pores, to be absorbed as truth. 

Feeling this weight being lugged around was obvious for me and after a while, I came to realize that in order to come to the surface; I needed to identify what that exact limiting belief was that was holding me underwater. I quickly realized there was a common thread -a fear, that I am not important enough to make a difference. Thinking about that sentiment still makes me want to cry but I have sure come a long way from letting it easily pull me under.

Finding your negative thought patterns can be overwhelmingly emotional and, for many, something to work through with support. Whether you have a friend or family member to listen along the way, I want you to know I am here as a resource to not only empathize but to guide you through to the other side. Let me know if you need a hand to pull you out – it’s my gift and purpose on this planet!

Getting Specific

Recognizing my limiting belief helped me understand how it was affecting the life I was wanting to live and the impact I wanted to make. I needed to switch up the messaging in a way that would stick and inspire me, no one else. Something that could motivate me even when I’m in a doubt tornado, while still being easily attainable. Now some of you might be thinking of the word mantras, or even affirmations when you hear ‌putting something on repeat, but to me, power statements are so different than either of those. 

Where an affirmation is super general and you’re trying to convince yourself of something, a power statement is keenly specific – acutely hitting the nail on the head when thinking about the core belief causing all the discomfort. For example, the power statement I created to counteract the “I am not important enough to make a difference” belief is simply this, “I am Important and My Voice Matters.” It motivates me to get up and get going again, even when all I want to do is stay in bed (you know those days). 

Recognizing My Impact

Of course, nothing is 100% fool-proof and it takes time and practice to truly believe your power statement, but ingraining it into your being will forever change your life. What helps me along the way is to not only recognize but celebrate the impacts I see my encounters with others having on their lives. 

Just the other day I was able to speak with a complete stranger over Zoom giving her pitchless, sales-free advice to help her and her business grow. It felt great. I could see the confidence growing in her smile as she responded to the multitude of resources I offered and ideas I shared freely with her. Witnessing another person shine reassures me of my importance – the impact I make on others around me sometimes goes unnoticed by the biggest critic there is… Myself! 

The proof is in the pudding – I find comfort, courage, and confidence in helping others. And when those moments of disbelief, low self-esteem, and self-doubt arise, I have my power statements to fall back on. Most of the time just hearing those words of positive belief is enough to get me to see me for who I truly am… a very important person who makes a difference. 

I know you too have limiting beliefs that are ready to be power-washed away. Let me help guide you through the power statement process either in a 1:1 coaching session or by joining me for the upcoming Webinar: Believe Your Own Voice. Just know I am here to help you recognize your own potential!  

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Article By: Amy Nubson

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson

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