A Small yet Powerful Step to Overcoming my Fear

Singing karaoke is a small but courageous step I recently took toward overcoming my fear of public speaking. I go to karaoke nights all the time with my sister and our friends but have never racked up enough courage to actively participate before. That is until this year’s annual family camping trip in the middle of Small Town, USA.

My sister Tracy can belt it out like no other untrained professional singer I’ve ever heard before. When she opens her mouth, nothing but controlled, harmonious power floats out. She commands the attention in every bar she’s ever sung in with her impressive chords. I, on the other hand, have always been always uncomfortable with all eyes on me.

But this last summer I started investing in myself in areas I hadn’t focused on in a while. The reality is, if I want to grow a public speaking career, I need to allow myself to be seen and heard by others.

I knew my sister would sing a duet with me; that was never a question. It would come down to finding a song that she wouldn’t simply blast right over the top of my much quieter voice. I was committed to not only putting myself out there but to actually having others hear me sing.

Scary as shit! But I did it.

We sang “These Boots are Made for Walking”, like most karaoke superstars after prime time hours, I didn’t actually know all the words to, but knew most of them. Last time I stood up I just lip-synced and when I was a kid in marching band all I did was march in place and pretend to play. Not this time.. No more faking it to feel comfortable.

Yes, it was terrifying, but once again; I proved to myself that I can take steps forward, no matter how small they are, to build my confidence and overcome my fears.

I challenge you to think of something you would really like to achieve and come up with a baby step you can take to start the progression toward fulfillment. I know I feel pretty proud of myself for ticking off the box next to karaoke and I would love for you to feel that, too!

Remember, your path to clarity, courage, and confidence doesn’t have to be walked alone.

Sometimes it’s not even walking but singing. If you’re inspired and would like guidance, schedule a call with me.

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Finding my voice made me feel at home… made me feel calm.

– Amy Nubson

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